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The Advantages of Hybrid Automobiles

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The Advantages of Hybrid Automobiles

The main benefit of a hybrid car is its low fuel consumption, which was achieved through balancing performance characteristics. However all useful properties of a conventional car were preserved such as capacity, speed, fast acceleration, and other important parameters that characterize the automobiles of today.

Hybrid cars can accumulate energy, recharge the battery with the energy produced while deceleration, which leads to reduced wear of the brake blocks.

This economy is the result of reduced engine's volume and capacity, as well as of optimal and even engine running, of reduced dependence on riding conditions, and of engine's ability to be stopped as the car can be driven by an electric motor.

This complicated system operates in up-to-date conditions and under control of an on-board computer that controls everything including braking.

The main advantage of a hybrid is reduced carbonic fuel consumption, which is beneficial for the environment. This is for the most part the result of gasoline motor being shut off in the places crowded with cars as well as at the traffic lights.

Electric batteries' use (they are less capacious than those electric cars are provided with) allowed eliminating the problem of used batteries' utilization. The development of hybrid technology and its application in public transport and trucks will improve the cities' ecology further.

If you try to accelerate sharply both electric motor and a conventional one are linked up, which allows saving on a less capacious internal-combustion engine installation that works in an optimal mode the rest of the time. What is more, hybrid systems allow increasing kilometrage distance as half of the gas stations aren't to be visited and that allows the car owner more time to spend on more important things.

Hybrid automobiles don't have the main disadvantage of an internal-combustion engine: there is an opportunity of energy return, however this allows saving electric energy only. These are mainly accumulators that are used for this purpose although there are versions provided with special capacitors.

The refueling of hybrid cars is done in the same way as of usual cars with the same fuel however it isn't done that often. When driven in the city hybrid car operates with its electric engine on up to 80% of time.

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